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IRQB Insights: Delegation

IRQB Insights is an article series introducing various technical aspects of rail quality and the IRIS Certification scheme. The article series helps to explain and provide insight to the operational matters of the certification and quality management processes.

Where an organization decides to use any other entity (e.g., external provider, subcontractor, multi-site), to carry out specific tasks connected with the verification after release (e.g., incoming goods inspection), this entity needs a delegation of the verification activities. These requirements are defined in chapter of ISO/TS 22163.

The organization shall ensure beforehand that the entity meets the requirements, which shall guarantee that the entity performs the inspections with the same level of competence and safety as the organization itself.

Additionally, the evidence that the entity has accepted the delegation and that a register of delegation is available as documented information shall be granted.

Examples of delegation:

  • Shift of processing activities including incoming goods inspection to an external provider
  • Implementation of drop-shipping to simplify supply chains e.g., for spare part delivery directly to the end customer, direct shipping of parts to suppliers of pre-assemblies (wheelset axles to gearbox supplier for assembly of traction unit)
  • Measurement of machined parts by imposing the organizations measurement record

Delegation is not:

  • Measurement of parts to prove compliance with purchasing requirements (e.g., drawings or specifications)
  • Request of specific content of external provider’s certificates
  • Assignment of material analysis
  • Calibration activities



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