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Mitsubishi Electric: IRIS Certification has improved our quality management system

Photo Credit: Mitsubishi Electric

IRQB is happy to bring you testimonials from our member companies across the world and the rail sector. These short interviews will give insight to the benefits of IRQB’s work from the perspective of rail sector companies. 

Why did your company decide to join IRQB?

As the importance of IRIS Certification is increasing in the global railway market, Mitsubishi Electric wanted to join the organization and participate to developing IRIS Certification rules.

In your opinion, what is the growing importance of IRQB?

As IRIS Certification becomes the de facto standard of railway quality management, IRQB plays an important role to observe and advise IRIS activities from the international perspective.

What is the importance of quality from a manufacturer´s perspective?

The high quality of our products and systems is crucial to reduce failure and to improve the reliability of railway systems.

How is IRIS Certification beneficial for your company?

As Mitsubishi Electric is already IRIS Certified, we are registered in the list of IRIS Certification holders. This helps to approach the global market. In addition, we have improved our quality management system through the IRIS Certification audit process.

In your opinion, what is the importance of IRIS Certification for the rail sector?

IRIS Certification is important as the de facto standard in railway quality management. The number of IRIS Certified companies is crucial to keep the position of the de facto standard.




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