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IRQB Members: Thematic Working Groups Benefit Companies and the Whole Sector

IRQB 12 thematic Working Groups are bringing together around 50 rail experts from all around the world and the sector. This unique working format benefits both the industry and individual rail companies as well as working groups’ participants.

The work of IRQB is organised around Working Groups each focused on a particular area of rail quality. The topics of the 12 Working Groups range from calibration and awarding to KPIs, maintenance and special processes. The aim is to offer a collaborative platform to rail experts from leading companies representing the global rail sector to work on determining the best practices essential to high quality business management systems.

This format is highly appreciated among IRQB Working Group participants giving also a wider impact to the whole sector:

“Engaging with focused work groups is a fantastic chance to exchange on best practices and improve the industry,” says Patrice Camilleri, Global Performance Manager at Alstom.

“Working with colleagues from different companies and countries was a great opportunity to see my job with fresh eyes,” adds Emilio Ricciardi, Integrated Management System Manager at Hitachi Rail STS.

“Participating in IRIS working groups broadens your horizon, builds new networks and allows you to bring new ideas back to your company,” comments Thomas Begemann, Quality Manager at Siemens Mobility.

“It was a great and instructive experience and factually focused exchange of knowledge with colleagues across different countries and companies,” adds Markus Egenrieder, working group leader and Management System Manager at Voith.

Camilleri, Ricciardi, Begemann and Egenrieder are all part of Working Group focused on key performance indicators. The result of their work on the topic is formed into an IRQB Guideline on key performance indicators – a document that was very much waited for and appreciated by the sector.

In addition to the contribution the outcome offers to the sector at large, the possibility to discuss and collaborate on quality topics with colleagues from other companies also helps individual rail experts to improve their work and bring the added value back to their companies.

The number and topics of Working Groups are changing over time depending on the input from IRQB members striving from the needs and challenges of the whole rail sector. IRQB Working Groups are open to all nominated experts from IRQB member companies.




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