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IRQB welcomes Mitsubishi Electric Corporation as 22nd member

As of 1 January 2020, the International Rail Quality Board (IRQB), will welcome Mitsubishi Electric Corporation as new member, further strengthening both its scale and mission.

In early December, Bernard Kaufmann, IRQB Coordinator, sealed the Consortium Agreement with Kei Uruma, Senior Vice-President, Group President of Public Utility Systems at Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, in Tokyo.

The Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is a worldwide, established company that specialises in the design, manufacturing and maintenance of products like propulsion systems, power supply units, train control and management systems, HVAC and more. Four of the group’s sites are currently IRIS certified.

By joining IRQB, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation commits to further improving the quality of its products and services at its locations, and to participating in the development of conformity assessment processes. Additionally, this move signifies its commitment to promoting quality in the entire global rail sector. The IRQB looks forward to its continued collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation through IRQB’s Working Groups.

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Are you interested in joining the IRQB? Feel free to contact IRQB Coordinator Bernard Kaufmann, by email at bernard.kaufmann@irqb.org.




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