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Celebrating IRQB 1 year anniversary

One year ago, the IRQB (International Rail Quality Board) Consortium Agreement came into force on 18 September 2018. 18 leading rail companies signed it, being the proof of a sincere commitment from the entire sector, and the starting point of a fruitful collaboration and involvement towards a common goal. Since, the IRQB aims to promote the IRIS Certification® system as the only certification of reference. This translates into the recognition of IRIS Certification® to ensure high product quality through robust processes.

Today, while we are celebrating the one year anniversary of IRQB, let’s look back at this year’s achievements with a few numbers:

  • The number of new Members on Board was increased by 3
  • Expert Working Groups established, 4 focusing on the development of the Assessment Methodology and the IRIS System, and 3 on specific technical topics
  • IRQB is focusing its efforts on 4 regions

This first year was very active and promising, and we look forward to the future years to come, bringing with them new markets, new developments, new Members on board, further promoting the IRIS Certification® system, to strengthen trust in IRIS certificates, to reduce customer audits and to achieve the expected transparent quality performance and much more.

Are you more into infographics? Check out here our special 1 year anniversary’ factsheet




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