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IRQB Quality Monthly: IRIS Technology

IRQB Quality Monthly Webinar on IRIS Technology took place on 8 April 2022 between 14.00-15.00 (CEST). This session focused on the essential role of IRIS Technology within the IRIS Certification scheme. Consisting of the IRIS portal, the Audit-Tool and the database, IRIS Technology offers the necessary tools for awarding and maintaining the IRIS Certification scheme as well as supporting companies in preparation of the audit. During the webinar, representatives from certification bodies and the IRIS Management Centre explained how IRIS Technology is not merely a functional IT system but helps companies to strive towards higher quality objectives and improve their business management systems. The webinar featured:

  • Ayşegül Durmaz Gökçöl, IRIS Lead Auditor, IRIS Certification Body Representative, TÜV NORD Cert
  • Juraj Kliment, IRIS Lead Auditor, LRQA
  • Jana Jung, IRIS Development Manager, UNIFE

The discussion was led by IRIS Technical Manager Anish Bawa.

See the event recording below. You can find all presented slides here.

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