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IRQB Quality Monthly | Geographical Focus: North America

IRQB held an online event focusing on the development of the IRIS Certification scheme in North America. This timely discussion took place on 10 December between 16.00-17.00 (CET).

IRIS Management Centre took part in the APTA Transform Conference & Expo, held between 8 and 10 November in Orlando, United States. Bernard Kaufmann, IRIS General Manager and IRQB Coordinator, was invited to take part in the association’s Procurement and Supply Committee meeting, convened on 9 November, where he provided American transportation leaders with an overview of the IRIS Certification scheme and its potential benefits to rail companies. Additionally, the IRIS Management Centre organised a reception and workshop that allowed interested participants to dive deeper into the scheme with a more detailed overview of its components and an opportunity to ask questions regarding its specific application to their organisation.

Building on the discussions IRIS had in the United States, the International Rail Quality Board devoted its next quality monthly digital event on North America. Featuring speakers from already certified companies, auditors and the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), this conversation explored the current approach American rail companies have taken to pursue quality and how IRIS could potentially benefit rail companies overseas.

This webinar featured:

  • Dave Carol, Chief Operating Officer, APTA
  • Claude Bouteaud, President, BT2C North America
  • Carine Paumier-Hug, Vice President and Managing Director, Wabtec
  • Eric Dambrun, Quality Management System Director, Wabtec
  • Randy Wingate, Director of Quality and HSE, Knorr Bremse 

The discussion was moderated by Bernard Kaufmann, IRQB Coordinator.

Watch the webinar recording below.

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