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IRIS Guideline on Customer Perception Published

IRQB published a new IRIS Guideline focused on customer perception helping organisations to understand IRIS Certification’s customer perception requirements and giving guidance on how to use customer perception in quality management systems.

Customer perception assures trust in the IRIS Certification system. This is especially important as more and more customers are moving from second party audits to third party audits. Customers who do not audit their suppliers themselves anymore want to have the possibility to give their feedback on the audited supplier as an input to the IRIS auditor.

This guideline advises companies on how to set up a system for gathering customer feedback that complies with the IRIS Certification requirements. The document also helps companies that are not familiar with the IRIS Certification scheme to develop a customer perception system that is accepted by an IRIS auditor. Moreover, the new guideline aims at guiding small and medium-sized companies in their certification process.

The new guideline was put together by IRQB members from leading rail companies from across the sector and the world. The working group tasked with preparing the guideline was led by representatives from SNCB-NMBS and NS and included members from Alstom, Talgo, Siemens Mobility, CAF, DB, Hitachi Rail STS, Harting and East Japan Railway Company.

See the new guideline on customer perception here.

Please note that all IRIS Guidelines are published exclusively on the IRQB website here.




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