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Gold Quality Performance Level Test Phase Starts, Silver Ends

1 September marks the end of the test phase for IRIS Certification Silver quality performance level and the launch of the test phase for the highest, Gold quality performance level.

All IRIS Certified companies receive a quality performance level that comes with fulfilling additional quality criteria. There are three quality performance levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold – that require fulfilling additional quality criteria as the performance levels increase. So far, companies could have only been awarded with Bronze level certificates but starting from 1 September the year-long Silver level test phase ends, allowing companies fulfilling additional quality criteria to be awarded Silver quality performance level during their next audit.

In addition, 1 September marks the beginning of the Gold quality performance level test phase. Similarly to the Silver level test phase, the test phase for the Gold level will last one year allowing companies and the IRIS Management Centre to prepare for the full launch of the highest quality performance level on 1 September 2021.

Gold level can be awarded to all rail companies audited after the 1 September 2021, provided the organisation fulfils the necessary additional criteria for the higher quality performance level. On top of the Silver level requirements, the main criteria for the Gold level includes a trust of quality by assessing the direct feedback from customers. In addition, all Gold level candidates have to be approved by a committee appointed by the IRQB.

More advanced criteria benefits the whole supply chain by improving the global culture of quality but also offers rail companies the possibility to improve the performance of their businesses by following the best practices emerging from the experience of sector’s champions. In addition, quality performance levels are displayed in the IRIS portal allowing companies to take advantage of the visibility and trust that comes with the higher quality performance level.

To learn more about the criteria in detail, we urge you to see the updated IRIS Certification® Conformity Assessment:2020, giving all necessary details and requirements for the IRIS Certification scheme that needs to be the basis for conducting audits and rewarding quality performance levels.




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