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Silver and Gold Quality Performance Levels go hand in hand

Silver quality performance level’s test phase has shown both great interest and commitment to quality in the rail sector. However, due to the ongoing sanitary crisis, the IRIS Management Centre has decided to prolong the test period until further notice. Once this test period has ended, the IMC will be able to proceed in setting the Gold performance level launch date.

Quality performance levels are rewarded to all IRIS-certified companies, having proven a commitment to contributing to the overall quality of the rail sector through the performance optimisation of its businesses. There are three quality performance levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold. To achieve a higher quality performance level, companies must fulfil additional criteria shown to contribute to improved the performance of rail businesses.

Bronze quality performance level is currently the only one available to audited companies. Silver is now being tested and will be made available to audited companies at the conclusion of the current sanitary crisis. The highest quality performance level – gold – will be made available to all audited companies one year after the end of the Silver level test phase.

Quality performance levels are displayed in the IRIS portal. This allows companies to benefit from the visibility and trust from customers that accompanies achieving higher quality performance levels. Higher quality also enhances customer satisfaction and improves the efficiency of rail businesses.

Consult the IRQB webpage regularly for updates.




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