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IRQB welcomes the launch of IRIS Silver quality performance level

IRIS Certification® launched Silver quality performance level that can be awarded to all rail companies fulfilling additional quality criteria that will improve the overall culture of quality in the rail sector and the performance of individual rail businesses.

IRQB welcomes the launch of the new IRIS Certification® Silver quality performance level as a driver for enhancing the quality of the whole sector. Higher quality performance level allows companies to demonstrate their commitment to quality that helps to improve the competitiveness of the sector benefiting the whole supply chain.

There are currently two quality performance levels available for audited companies: Bronze and Silver. Even though all IRIS certified companies have proven their high-quality business management systems, obtaining a higher, Silver level, demonstrates that the company is able to fulfil even additional quality criteria.

In addition to improving the overall culture of quality in the rail sector, Silver quality performance level also offers individual rail companies the possibility to improve the overall performance of their businesses by following the best practices emerging from the experience of sector’s champions. Quality performance levels are displayed in the IRIS portal allowing companies to take advantage of the visibility and trust from customers that comes with the higher quality performance level. Higher quality also enhances customer satisfaction and improves the efficiency of rail businesses.

The new quality performance level is available globally for all rail sector companies audited after the 1 May 2020.




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